Antonio Sabato Jr. says testosterone pellets improve sex life, reduce stress

Former model and soap star-turned aspiring politician Antonio Sabato Jr., said he “could have sex all day” after having testosterone pellets injected into his buttocks. Sabato first sought out the procedure to address his low levels of the hormone, he told DailyMail TV in an exclusive interview.

“I was like an 80-year-old man,” 46-year-old Sabato said, adding that he’s never had plastic surgery but has gotten Botox in the past.

He had the pellets injected into the fatty tissue of the upper buttock or hip area.


Sabato sought the help of Dr. Christopher Asandra of NuMale Medical Center. Asandra told the news outlet that the pellet, which is about the size of a Tic Tac for males and a grain of rice for females, is inserted into the fatty tissue of the upper buttock or hip area, and needs to be replaced after about five to seven months.


The therapy works to slowly release testosterone with the aim of stabilizing hormone levels. Asandra said the therapy has come a long way from the controversial practice of injecting steroids. It offers an alternative to testosterone gels, which require daily application and risk transmission. 

The treatment is an alternative to testosterone gels which must be applied daily and have the potential to be transmitted to another person.

“People want to look good but they also want to feel good,” Asandra told the news outlet.

Sabato said the effects were immediate. He said he works out seven days per week, and is burning up to three times the amount of calories he was before treatment. He also said it helps him deal with stress, especially on the campaign trail.

“No matter the circumstances I can deal with it just fine,” he said, adding that he will likely continue treatment for the rest of his life.

“This is the best way to go, it makes perfect sense,” he said. “Once you find out for yourself where you need to be, it’s changing your life forever.”

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